Voting Incentives

This year we are making things more exciting by offering free books as prizes and incentives for both teen voters and voting stations in public and school libraries across Rhode Island. We are offering free bundles of five books to any school or public library voting location. These books can be used as give-aways to teen voters. Stations may select a random winner for all five books, give away a free book to the first five voters, or get creative! The top voting location will receive 50 brand new books, all of which are recently published teen books, featuring popular authors, titles and sequels. These books can be added to libraries, used in classrooms or given to students. Voting locations with the second and third highest amount of votes will receive 40 and 35 books, respectively. To participate, please fill out the this survey by February 16 and we will send you a book bundle!

Participating schools and libraries may accept teens' ballots, and you do not have to participate in our book giveaway program to be a voting station. All voting results should be emailed to  Results are due by Friday, March 2nd.