Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

Publisher Information:  New York, NY:  Roaring Brook Press, 2017

Summary:  Viv Carter creates the first issue of MOXIE, her feminist zine, because she's had it with boys who have no hesitation about demeaning, touching, verballing tormenting, or sexually harrassing the girls in her small-town high school.  She distributes the first issue anonymously, and no one suspects that always-follows-the-rules Viv could be behind it. 

At first, only a few girls show their solidarity by drawing stars and hearts on their hands, but as Viv secretly distributes more issues around school, more girls join in.  They wear bathrobes to school to protest an unfairly applied dress code and slap "You're an A--hole" stickers on the cars, lockers, and backpacks of boys who've harassed girls. 

In the midst of all this, Viv begins a first romance with Seth, who supports the Moxie Girl movement (but not always strongly enough for Viv).  But the more empowered the girls become, the more school administrators become determined to stop them.  Then a girl comes forward to accuse the principal of refusing to listen when she told him sh'd been raped by a football player, the Moxie Girls decide it's time to risk it all by staging a walkout.

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