2012 Nominees


After Ever After

by Jordan Sonnenblick
Now that Jeffrey is in remission from cancer, he must face his next big challenge -- navigating eighth grade without the help of his older brother.



by Doug TenNapel
A boy who is accidentally whisked into the spirit world discovers he has special powers there. But will they help him get back home?


Sources of Light

by Margaret McMullan
In 1962, Samantha and her mother move from Pennsylvania to Jackson, Mississippi, a city on the edge of violence as the civil rights movements begin to shake up the racist status quo.


Touch Blue

by Cynthia Lord
To save their school from closing, the families in Tess's island community take in foster children.  She hopes Aaron will like her town and family, but what if he doesn't want to stay?


Woods Runner

by Gary Paulsen
In 1776, Samuel sets out from Pennsylvania to New York to rescue his parents from the British soldiers and Indians who kidnapped them after slaughtering most of their community.



by Caragh M. O'Brien
In a world split between those who rule and those who serve, Gaia must smuggle herself into the guarded Enclave to rescue her imprisoned parents who face execution.



by Allan Stratton
When Sami's Iranian dad is accused of involvement in a terrorist plot, Sami risks his own life to uncover the truth despite the fact that they don’t get along.


Heist Society

by Ally Carter
A group of teens use their combined talents to re-steal several priceless paintings and save Kat’s father, himself an international art thief, from a vengeful collector.


Matched  (2012 winner)

by Ally Condie
Cassia always trusted the Society to make the right choices for her, but she begins to question just how perfect her world really is when she notices things are not what they seem.


Ship Breaker

by Paolo Bacigalupi
In the near-future, salvager Nailer has the chance of a lifetime when a yacht washes up after a storm. When he finds a survivor on board, he must decide whether to save her life or enrich his own.


Shut Out

by Brendan Halpin
When Amanda’s best friend Lena makes the varsity soccer team and she only makes junior varsity, their longtime friendship suffers dramatically.



by Andy Mulligan
Three boys in a Third World country find something at the dump and set out to unravel the mystery behind it while lying, stealing, and narrowly escaping death at every turn.


Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty

by G. Neri & Illustrated by Randy DuBurke
In this graphic novel based on a true story, Roger tries to understand why his classmate joined a gang and shot a girl in their neighborhood before being killed himself.


Amy & Roger's Epic Detour*

by Morgan Matson
After Amy and Roger stray from a planned cross country road trip, Amy learns to live again as she comes to terms with her guilt over the accidental death of her father.


Before I Fall*

by Lauren Oliver
After Samantha is swept away in a car crash, she finds herself reliving Friday, February 12, over and over until she gets the day “right."


I Will Save You*

by Matt De La Pena
After living in a group home, Kidd finally has his life on track, until a dangerous friend from his past appears and threatens not only his new life but also the girl he loves.



by Rachel Ward
When looking in someone's eyes, Jem sees the date he will die, a skill that puts Jem and her friend Spider on the run after narrowly escaping an explosion at a London tourist attraction.



by Jennifer Donnelly
Angry and grieving the murder of her little brother, musician Andi joins her father in Paris to work on a school project that uncovers a mystery from the French Revolution.



by Swati Avasthi
A teenage boy thrown out of his house by an abusive father goes to live with his older brother, who ran away from home years ago to escape the abuse.


Teenage Love Affair*

by Ni-Ni Simone
Zsa-Zsa has a car, great clothes, and a boyfriend who hurts her when he is angry. When an old boyfriend moves back to the hood, Zsa-Zsa must decide who is the real love of her life.