We Are Not From Here

We Are Not From Here by Jenny Torres Sanchez

Publication Information:  New York, NY: Philomel Books, 2020

Summary:  A ripped-from-the-headlines novel of desperation, escape, and survival across the U.S./Mexico border.

Pulga, Chico, and Pequena have no false illusions about the town they've grown up in and the dangers that surround them.  Though their families--both biological and found--create a warm community for them, threats lurk around every corner.  And when those threats become all too real, the three teens know they have no choice but to run: for the border, for the hope of freedom, and for their very lives.

Crossing from Guatemala to Mexico with their eyes on the U.S. border, they follow the route of La Bestia, a system of trains that promise the hope of freedom--if they are lucky enough to survive the harrowing journey.  With nothing but the bags on their backs and the desperation that courses through their very veins, Pulga, Chico, and Pequena know that there's no turning back, dangerous though the road ahead may be.

In this story inspired by real--and current--events, the plight at our southern border is brought to life.

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Links of Interest:

Author website:  jennytorressanchez.com

Author interview:  HERE


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