Publisher Information

Publishers that are interested in becoming involved in the nominee selection process are welcome to contact the committee.  Titles that the publisher would like the committee to consider should be eligible according to the nominee requirements. Book titles will be shared with the committee at large. For full consideration, a committee member must second the publisher nominee. We are accepting nominations for the 2020 RI Teen Book Award list until January 21, 2019.

Publishers are welcome to send copies for the committee to use as part of the review process. The committee should be notified prior to sending such a package so its arrival will be anticipated. The committee is made up of about 30 members. The publisher is welcome to send as many copies as it would like to ease access concerns. Copies should be sent to:

Rhode Island Teen Book Award Committee
c/o Stephanie Barta, Chair
Louttit Library
274 Victory Highway
West Greenwich, Rhode Island 02817

The committee does have access to some copies through the two state-wide library networks (OSL for the public libraries and RILINK for the school media centers), but having additional copies reserved solely for use by the committee members allows for easy use by the committee members, and does not prevent the library copies from reaching their intended audience: Rhode Island's young adults. At the conclusion of the review period, copies will be donated to participating readers' chosen libraries. Advanced copies and uncorrected proofs will not be added to library collections.