Himawari House

Himawari House by Harmony Becker

Publisher Information:  New York, NY: First Second 2021


Living in a new country is no walk in the park--Nao, Hyejung, and Tina can all attest to that. The three of them became fast friends through living together in the Himawari House in Tokyo and attending the same Japanese cram school. Nao came to Japan to reconnect with her Japanese heritage, while Hyejung and Tina came to find freedom and their own paths. Though each of them has her own motivations and challenges, they all deal with language barriers, being a fish out of water, self discovery, love, and family.

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Links of Interest: 

Author website:  https://www.instagram.com/hamin

Author Q & A: https://www.slj.com/story/interview-harmony-becker-creator-of-himawari-house-graphic-novels



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