Sick Kids in Love

Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz

Publication Information:  Fort Collins, CO: Entangled Teen, 2019

Summary:  Isabel has one rule:  no dating.  It's easier. - It's safer. - It's better for the other person. 

She's got issues.  She's got secrets.  She's got rheumatoid arthritis, an invisible chronic illness.  But then she meets another sick kid, Sasha.  He's got an invisible chronic illness too.  Isabel's never heard of it, something she can't even pronounce. 

He understands what it means to be sick.  He understands her more than her healthy friends.  He understands her more than her own father...and he's a doctor.

Sasha is gorgeous, fun and foul-mouthed.  And totally into her.

Isabel has one rule:  no dating.  It's complicated. - It's dangerous. - It's never felt better to consider breaking that rule for him.

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