Golden Arm

Golden Arm by Carl Deuker

Publisher Information:  Boston, MA:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020

Summary:  Larazus "Laz" Weathers has always been shy, and his issue with stuttering when he speaks hasn't helped.  Stuck in a Seattle trailer park, Laz finds baseball helps him escape from the world of poverty and drugs.  When he gets an opportunity to pitch for the rich kids across town, he has a chance to get drafted by the major leagues.

But playing for the other team means leaving behind his family, including Antonio, Laz's younger brother, who more and more, seems to be drawn to the dark world of Jet City's drug ring.  Now Laz will have to choose between being the star pitcher he always dreamed of becoming and the team player his family needs.

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Author website:   HERE

Author reads short portion of book:  HERE


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