Yellow Star

Yellow Star
by Jennifer Roy

Publishing Information: Marshall Cavendish: New York, 2006
ISBN: 076145277X / 0739349082 (Audio)
: 242 p.

Ages: 10 & Up

Syvia was 4 years old when the Nazis forced Jews from her area of Poland into the Lodz Ghetto. Six years later, she was one of only 12 child survivors to be liberated from the ghetto.

Yellow Staris based on the true story of Jennifer Roy's aunt Syvia's childhood in the Lodz Ghetto. While a quarter of a million Jews entered the ghetto, only 800 were left alive when liberation came in 1945. 

Book Talk:
Years of hunger, of being cold, of being scared fade into the distance as Syvia copes with the newest indignity in her life, hiding in a hole in the cemetery. Her father is doing his best to keep her alive when so many other children of the Lodz ghetto are being moved. But moved to where, her father wonders, as he tries to keep his family together.

If she survives the day in the cemetery hole, what happens next? She has already given up so much of her childhood. Gone are the days of playing with friends, she has no toys, her last birthday was celebrated without even a piece of bread, and now, she is threatened with being separated from her family. Her family is ALL she has left in life - how can the soldiers be so cruel to the youngest members of the Lodz ghetto?

Will her father keep her safe today in the cemetery? And what about tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that? How can survival be this difficult when you are only 10 years old?

Subject Headings and Themes:
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
Lodz Ghetto

Awards & Reviews:

ALA Notable Children's Book, 2007
Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, 2006
Sydney Taylor Book Award Honor Book, 2007
National Jewish Book Awards Finalist, 2006
School Library Journal Best Book , 2006
The New York Public Library "100 Titles for Reading and Sharing", 2006

Discussion Questions and Ideas:

  1. Why is the book titled Yellow Star ? What does the yellow star symbolize?
  2. How does Syvia's imagination help her through the hard times?
  3. What is the meaning of the saying, "Live for today, for tomorrow we may fry in the pan!"? (page 38)
  4. Discuss the use of color throughout the book. Give specific examples.
  5. Which character is most like you? Why?

~ from "Yellow Star Guides for Teachers and Book groups" by Jennifer Roy .
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Other Books by the Author:
This is Jennifer Roy's first novel.

About the Author:
Jennifer Roy has had over 30 books published for children and young adults. A former Gifted and Talented teacher and special education teacher, Roy holds a M.A. in Elementary Education and a B.S. in Psychology. She lives in Upstate New York with her husband (and sometime co-author) Gregory and their young son. "I love reading, drawing, playing piano, napping, talking way too much on the telephone, scrapbooking, and - most of all - being with my family." ~ Jennifer Roy

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